Valentine Idea – I Dig You Shovels

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Valentine Shovel This year get your kids around the table and make these cute valentines for their friends, classmates or neighbors. They’re fun to make, super cute and a nice change from the standard valentines.

You will need:
• Small plastic shovels in any color (consider your school colors)
• Your favorite valentine treats or candies
Clear cellophane, cut into 10” squares, or small plastic bags
Ribbon in any size or color you like.
• Paint pen or permanent marker (in contrasting color to the shovel)

Step 1:
With your marker, write “I Dig You!” on each shovel, as pictured. If desired, decorate with Heart Stickers or other valentine decorations.

Step 2:
Cut cellophane into a 10″ square. Wrap a small amount of Valentine’s candy with the cut cellophane. Tie candy bag with ribbon to handle of plastic shovel.

Valentine shovel Variations:
Who says only pink and red are appropriate for Valentine’s Day? Get creative with different colored shovels, cellophane and ribbon. Coordinate your school colors or mix it up and let the kids choose their colors. For treats consider candy hearts, jelly beans, gummy bears or small candies. You could also go non-sugar with little erasers, stickers or any small trinkets.


Do you have a favorite Valentine favor you like to make with your kids? We’d love to hear about it!