Family Fun Night

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Contributed by Teresa M., Teacher, Shelbyville, IN


Family Fun nights don’t have to be complicated—sometimes simple quiet time is best. 

One night I remember in particular where families and students really enjoyed time together was a small classroom Family Fun night.  Students brought in toppings the week before the event for ice cream sundaes, and I provided the ice cream.  The evening began with my students sharing what they liked most to do at school and created drawings together on puzzles, like the Color Me Puzzles from Anderson’s.  Then they created ice cream sundaes and sat in beanbag chairs around the room talking about all the fun that can happen at school.  I took photos and sent copies home with students.

Families don’t have much down time it seems anymore, so sometimes it isn’t the hype but the time that makes all the difference, and a lasting token such as a puzzle created together is a great reminder of that special time spent together.