Classroom Elections

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It’s that time again. Election information is everywhere you turn. Although kids may not fully understand the political scene, this is a great opportunity to embrace the events in our country and use them as a learning platform. Lessons in politics and government are a great place to start.

But to help kids grasp the election, how it works and what it means to all of us, try engaging them in some school or classroom elections. You can come up with imaginary (or real) positions, such as class president, playground mayor, library council, lunchroom representative, and free-time secretarty. Use your imagination. Give each position some specific roles and walk the kids through the campaigning and election process.

Use these tips & ideas to get started planning your election:




Classroom elections can be fun, interactive and educational. They are a great way to tap into current events and incorporate lessons about what is happening in the world around us.

If have any fun election ideas please share them with us!