Stick-Decals are Fun Classroom Rewards

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Stick-A Decals are a great tool in your classroom! Elementary kid’s love to collect them, and stick them on all sorts of things! Folders, lockers, backpacks, mirrors, windows, desks, the possibilities are endless!  They have a sticky backing that can be applied, peeled-off and re-applied. They leave no sticky residue and can be stuck and re-stuck several times.




Here are 5 ideas for using Stick-A Decals in your classroom:

1. Use Stick-A Decals as “on-the-spot” rewards. For less than $1 per student, they make a great motivational tool.

2. Stick-A Decals are a less-expensive alternative to award pins. Stick-A Decals cost less and have the same great Anderson’s designs.

3. When older students are “too cool” for stickers, Stick-A Decals make a great reward alternative.

4. Encourage students to stick them on the front of their folder or portfolio. They’ll get to “show off” their awards, and have a constant reminder of their accomplishments, for great motivational reminders throughout their school day.

5. Create a challenge, give Stick-A Decals as a reward for every student that scores 100 on a spelling test, or accomplishes an extra-credit activity. Watch as the students work harder to earn their reward!


Kids and teachers LOVE Stick-A Decals. If you have a fun or creative way to use them in your classroom, we’d love to hear about it!