Engaging Students With School Spirit

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Contributed by Kori J., Cheer Advisor, Costa Mesa, CA

When looking back on your days in High School, what comes to mind? The dances, the games, the friendships you had, and pride in your school. Being proud of your school and your alma mater is so important in the high school experience and what better way to show the pride you have in your school than school spirit.


Take a high school football game for example, the energy is electric. Fans in the stands, yelling and cheering their team on. Cheerleaders on the sidelines, flipping, stunting and leading those fans to create inspiration for their team and distraction to the opposing team. School spirit sometimes can even help win the game!, I once asked a football player if he even heard the cheers from the field and his response was, “Heck, yeah! I love it- my favorite cheer is the “We believe that we will win” cheer, I get so pumped when I hear you guys yelling that and I want to go out on the field and prove you right”.

Without school spirit, imagine how a game would be…I’d say it would be rather dull. I love the energy at high school games. I love creating an experience for the crowd, the cheerleaders and the football players. Looking into the stands and seeing a group of high school boys so excited to be painted green with letters on them, makes me smile. Hearing our student section yelling with my cheerleaders and requesting cheers is so fulfilling, I know the students are having fun and isn’t that what it’s all about?

School spirit to me is including the entire student body in creating it, not just the cheerleaders. It’s actively engaging different groups to be a part of our “event”. We are always trying to outdo ourselves when it comes to school spirit. Confetti cannons, bead tosses, t-shirt throws, fans of the week- our beloved “Mesa Maniacs”, even bringing a real life “mustang” to lead a parade of spirit, you name it we’ve probably done it.




I couldn’t do it without items that I purchase from companies like Anderson’s.  Wanting to be able to do give aways, fan throws, rewards, etc. and having the funds to do it don’t always balance out.  With Anderson’s great items and low costs, I can provide items to our fans and not sacrifice other aspects of our programs needs.

I’ve asked some alumni what their best memories were of high school and they always mention, the incredible school spirit and how fun the games were. For those 2-3 hours every Friday night, the entire stands are there together, for one purpose. It doesn’t matter if you are in different social cliques, different clubs, different grades- you are just there to yell, laugh, have fun and cheer your team to victory. But most important you are there creating memories!