Wild Valentines

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Wild Valentine 2 Jungle Animal Valentines are a hit with kids! 

If you’re looking for a fun and unique Valentine project, we’ve got just the idea for you! Simple, affordable and adorable, these “wild” Valentines are a fun little project for kids of any age to assemble. 

Download and print the free tags and have fun creating unique Valentines with your kids!

These cute and inexpensive Jungle Animals come in a package of 12.

Jungle Animals

Download these FREE Tags to use with the animals. They work best when printed on thick, heavy duty paper or cardstock, but if you don’t have any, plain printer paper is just fine. 

Wild About You Valentine Tags

Wild Animal Valentine Tags

Wild Animal Valentine Tags 2

Let kids try the different options with the variations of tags and animals.

For this option, use a clear cellophane or a small bag to wrap the animal. Fold the tag in half and staple, glue or tape the tag to the top of the package. Wild Animal Valentines


For this option, tape or glue the animal of your choice to the tag.


Tiger ValentineGorilla Valentine



Add candy if you like, (although we don’t think it’s necessary)

Have a WILD Valentine’s Day!