Battle of the Bands

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Buddy Bands In case you haven’t heard, the newest fad has hit.

Kids are going crazy for these shaped rubber bands. Whether called Silly, Fun or Buddy Bands, they are all the rage, and creating quite a controversy.

Kids love them, and let’s face it; what’s not to love? Bright colored wristbands in fun shapes that look like a wavy bracelet on the wrist, then pop back into shape when taken off.

They’re collecting them, trading them, and hoarding them. And by the way, they’ll jump through hoops to get them.

But these whimsical novelties are not so popular with some teachers and school districts. Some have gone so far as to ban them on school property.

Not so fast I warn you.Take advantage of these little rubber craze creators.

Capitalize on the fad and reap the rewards! Kids pay attention when the subject is of interest, and will work harder for something they want.

Use Buddy Bands in your lessons and as rewards. You will be amazed at the results!


Incorporate Buddy Bands into your lessons

  • Math/Economics: Have students calculate the actual cost per band, potential profit, retail value of their personal collection or potential trade value.
  • English: Have students write a creative story using 2 or 3 Buddy Bands as characters in the story.
  • Art: Incorporate Buddy Bands into your art projects, use them for stencils or tracing, create scenes or paintings with the main object being the Buddy Band.


Reward with Buddy Bands

  • Reward students who model excellent behavior, volunteer, help others or contribute to a positive school environment in any way.
  • Give Buddy Bands as prizes for goal achievement, classroom games and activities or accomplishments.


What about the classroom distraction?

Sometimes we have to pick our battles. You know the old saying, “If you can’t beat em, join em”

This fad is here, for awhile at least. Banning the bands is only going to result in kids sneaking them in and trading them at lunch, on the playground or in secret hallway meetings.

Incorporate the bands into your lessons and rewards, and empower your students to make the right decisions. Giving them the option to decide when to put them away at appropriate times will make them more responsible people. Of course taking them away when problems arise will help all students make wise choices.

With a little creativity we’re sure you’ll soon be jumping on the “Band” wagon!


What do you think? Should the bands be banned at school?