5 Ideas for Stick-A-Decals

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Stick-A Decals are a great tool in your classroom! Kid’s love to collect them, and stick them on all sorts of things! They have a sticky backing that can be applied, peeled-off and re-applied.

Here are 5 ideas for using Stick-A Decals in your classroom:

1. Use Stick-A Decals as “on-the-spot” rewards. For less than $1 per student, they make a great motivational tool.

2. Stick-A Decals are a less-expensive alternative to award pins. Stick-A Decals cost less and have the same great Anderson’s designs.

3. When older students are “too cool” for stickers, Stick-A Decals make a great reward alternative.

4. Encourage students to stick them on the front of their folder or portfolio. They’ll get to “show off” their awards, and have a constant reminder of their accomplishments, for great motivational reminders throughout their school day.

5. Create a challenge, give Stick-A Decals as a reward for every student that scores 100 on a spelling test, or accomplishes an extra-credit activity. Watch as the students work harder to earn their reward!


Kids and teachers LOVE Stick-A Decals. If you have a fun or creative way to use them in your classroom, we’d love to hear about it!