Flip-Flop Fundraiser

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Flip Flops BlueEveryone LOVES Flip-Flops! Now imagine flip-flops in your school colors with your school name, mascot or logo imprinted on them! How cool is that?

If you’ve been looking for a new and unique fundraiser, try a Flip-Flop Fundraiser this Summer!

Kids of all ages, staff and community members will proudly sportflip-flops supporting your school. Summer events are the perfect place to hold flip-flop fundraisers, and your customers may be more willing to purchase in the Summer when they are not being inundated by other school fundraisers.

Sell flip-flops at all your Summer activities and community events! At your local beach, during Fourth of July festivities, Summer concerts, parades and festivals, ball tournaments, summer camps or summer school. The possibilities are endless. The profit potential is huge, and everyone can show their school spirit all summer long in their new flip-flops!



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