Award Pennant
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Award Pennant

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These award pennants feature super cool designs for all your students. The 5" x 12" pennant is made of foam fabric and includes slots for a photo, if you choose to include one. Reward all the students at your elementary school with these trendy pennants. Choose from Student of the Week, Student of the Month or Super Student.
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Award Pennant
  • Stu/Month Grn/N.Yel Pnnt
  • Stu/Month Pnk/Blk Pnnt
  • Stu/Month Col Blu/Rbl Pnnt
  • Stu/Month Org/Wht Pnnt
  • Stu/Week Grn/N.Yel Pnnt
  • Stu/Week N.Pnk/Blk Pnnt
  • Stu/Week Col Blu/Rbl Pnnt
  • Stu/Week Org/Wht Pnnt
  • Super/Stu L.Grn/N.Yel Pnnt
  • Super/Stu N.Pnk/Blk Pnnt
  • Super/Stu Col Blu/Brl Pnnt
  • Super/Stu Org/Wht Pnnt

    Stu/Month Grn/N.Yel Pnnt Quantity
    Stu/Month Pnk/Blk Pnnt Quantity
    Stu/Month Col Blu/Rbl Pnnt Quantity
    Stu/Month Org/Wht Pnnt Quantity
    Stu/Week Grn/N.Yel Pnnt Quantity
    Stu/Week N.Pnk/Blk Pnnt Quantity
    Stu/Week Col Blu/Rbl Pnnt Quantity
    Stu/Week Org/Wht Pnnt Quantity
    Super/Stu L.Grn/N.Yel Pnnt Quantity
    Super/Stu N.Pnk/Blk Pnnt Quantity
    Super/Stu Col Blu/Brl Pnnt Quantity
    Super/Stu Org/Wht Pnnt Quantity
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Total: $35.76